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 I hope you enjoy my music. All files are .mp3's.
Dangerous Doug will add songs as they are created or converted for web use.
 You can also hear these songs and others at: Sinfonian Radio 1898.

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Small Samples
Dorian G 646kb
Listen 493kb
War Moon 658kb
Together 518kb
Full Versions
Dorian G 1.17mb Dangerous Doug
Listen 2.07mb recorded by: Krimson Dawn
Color Blind 2.09mb recorded by: Krimson Dawn
God's Grace 2.37mb Dangerous Doug
Meadowlark 3.73mb Dangerous Doug
Have You Ever Stopped to Look at the Moon? 5.10mb recorded by: Krimson Dawn
War Moon  4.64mb recorded by: Krimson Dawn
Together (We are the People)  4.27mb Dangerous Doug
Justice Is For The Rich 4.16mb Dangerous Doug
Eternal Too 4.55mb recorded by: Krimson Dawn
Bitch 5.02mb recorded by: Krimson Dawn
In a Field of Poppy 5.39mb recorded by: Krimson Dawn
By The Full Moon Light 5.77mb recorded by: Krimson Dawn
Indian Summer 5.43mb recorded by: Krimson Dawn
Desolate World 11.3mb recorded by: Krimson Dawn
Let Me Die Happy 3.92mb recorded by: Dangerous DougNew!
Sin City 3.62mb recorded by: Krimson DawnNew!
Things In My Room 4.42mb scored in: Musescore - Midi InterpretationNew!
This, That and The Other 2.25mb scored in Noteflight Piano SonataNew!
Rainbow in the Dark (Dio) 2.44mb for String QuartetNew!
Pop Goes the World (Men Without Hats) 1.06mb for Elementary StudentsNew!
Lyrics / Song Notes

All songs are copyrighted by: © Dangerous Doug Champion except for "Color Blind" © Mike Ward, Dangerous Doug Champion and "By The Full Moon Light" © Michael Travelstead, Dangerous Doug Champion
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