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 Dangerous Doug {The Solo Experience} - Saturday Sept. 16th, 2017 7p - 9p at Wings Etc (E. Nat. Ave. Brazil, IN.) New! Traceez Pub Image

 Dangerous Doug {The Solo Experience} - Friday June 23rd, 2017 6p - 8p at Traceez Pub New! Traceez Pub Image

 Dangerous Doug is proud to announce that he is the newest member of MEAN STREET. It's been about 4 years since Dangerous Doug has been in a rock group but he is ready to play out. Thank you all for your continued support. New!

 Dangerous Doug will be performing at the Blueberry Festival on July 16, 2015. The festival is held at Central Presbyterian Church (125 N. 7th St.). Dangerous Doug will play from 6p - 6:45p. The Blueberry Festival runs from 11a - 7p.

 Dangerous Doug will be performing at Agave Vintage Cocktails this Friday July 3rd, 2015 from 6p - 7p. This is for Downtown Terre Haute's First Friday Festivities. Come out, get a few drinks and enjoy the show.

 Dangerous Doug will be performing at the X97.3 WXXR Battle of the Bands this Saturday July 26th, 2014. The event is from 2p - 10p and Dangerous Doug Takes the stage at 2:30p. It's a dollar vote so come out and vote for me. The winner will have an original song played in the stations rotation for one month.

 Dangerous Doug will be performing at Tater & Joes Coffee Grounds on Friday June 27, 2014. Dangerous Doug will be the opening act for Richard Layton and the total show time is 7:30p - 9:30p. There is a cover charge. You can eat dinner or get sweet treats and the barista can serve your favorite coffee and non-coffee items.

 Dangerous Doug would like to give a shout out to Tater & Joe's Coffee Grounds in Terre Haute. Dangerous Doug played at their Open Mic on Monday night and had a GREAT time. I plan to be there again next week. Thanks for having an open stage.

  Today I added an mp3 for my piece, "Things In My Room." I wrote it for entry in the Indiana State University 2013 Contemporary Music Festival. I started writing the piece for 7-String Guitar and added Cello, Viola, Flute and Percussion. You can also find a link to it on the "my music" page here at Danger DigiTrax.

  I added another song, "Bitch," from the Krimson Dawn tape. You can also find links to it on the "my music" and "the tape" pages here at Danger DigiTrax.

 The Inaugural Valley United Music Festival is fast approaching. Click on the logo links here at Danger DigiTrax for more information regarding dates and band information.

 I have added 3 new band links to my Local Band Links page. The link "local band links" is on the left of the home page. Just click the link to find links for Terre Haute / Wabash Valley bands.

 I have posted Pictures for my new band "One Less Idiot." These pics are from our practice room. Well, it's really a garage but it's a room in the garage no less LOL. We will be playing out very soon. We will be a fresh sound and look for Terre Haute as we have focused on the 80's Pop genre. Come and see us play and have loads of fun as we take you on this journey through the 1980's.

 I'm playing SOCOM II again. The newer versions of SOCOM never captuered the true essence and appeal that SOCOM II had in my opinion. I would like to say "Hi" to my new friends and my Mog [-|-] Clan members.

 I have some new pictures posted for LA King. Tim found them on Terry's PC and sent them to me. I hope you enjoy them? They were taken at Al's Sports Bar in Imperial Lanes.

 I am no-longer in LA King. They are still playing in the area. Keep on rockin' LA! Go see them play when you get a chance. I am currently getting into a new up-start group. I hope it will be an exciting change for me and this area. For the 1st time "Dangerous" Doug will be playing Keyboards on stage. I will still be playing guitar and singing.

 I have posted a photo page for my band LA King. New pics will be added as they are aquired. Just click the "la king pics" link on the left. Thanks for visiting Danger Digitrax.

 "Dangerous" Doug is in a new band, LA King. I put up the link on my Local Band Links page. We should be playing soon so use the LA King link to stay updated.

 I have just added some music from bassist Tim Weer. The link, "tim his music" which, you will find, is on the left with my other site links. I thank you for visiting Danger Digitrax and do hope you enjoy your stay.

 I was able to get all of STD's website. I have added it to Danger Digitrax. You can find STD's site on the left just look for "STD Rocks" and click the link.

 Hey, check out this new internet radio site: Sinfonian Radio 1898. You can hear my music played in a radio format with other great musicians as well. I think it's a really great, diverse internet radio site. Dangerous Doug really enjoys it.

 I found some Krimson Dawn promo photos in the Dungeon and scanned them. You can find them on the left just look for "kd promo pics."

 I've updated my "Dangerous" Doug Pics page. Just click on my picture on the left. They start from my begining where I'm playing a Washburn A-20 to the present.

 Thanx again to everyone that has visited my site. "Dangerous" Doug thinks that is cool. If you do anything check out my mp3's and their lyrics if the song has any. I'm basically a guitarist but sing and play other instruments as well.

 Danger DigiTrax is my PC based home studio. I don't really do much except have fun playing music.

 Oh, somtimes I do prepare sound cues as a sound designer for the Community Theatre of Terre Haute among other theatre activities.

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