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 Let's see, how did it all start? Oh yeah, at age 17 Dangerous Doug bought a Marquee by Harmony electric guitar with Dimarzzio humbuckers and got together with some friends from high school. We played in an old farm house, south of Terre Haute. We called ourselves the "Youngstown Rockers." Then Dangerous Doug took some guitar lessons. Isn't that the way it always is?

 After learning how to play a guitar traditionally tuned, Dangerous Doug met another guitarist. His name was Mike. It was our destiny to reach fame in our small town. After practicing for about 2 years, the two of us, decided it was time to form a band. The first member we could find was a drummer. His mother shopped at the store where Dangerous Doug worked and gave me Darrin's phone number. We became "High Voltage."

 We started moving right along but we still needed a bassist. We found Mike. Oh no, another Mike. He soon adopted the nickname "T." Yes, that works now we can tell the Mike's apart. Soon after T's arrival it became apparent that the drummer was not going to work. That always happens when you get a bass player. So we gave Darrin the ax and found Joey who sang... or screamed.

 Well now we've got the members we need another name. After much deliberation we settled on "Paradox." We only played one gig as Paradox. We were too heavy for the name. So, we consulted with Webster, the dictionary dude. He helped us find an appropriate new name, "WolfBane." We played out for around three years. It was really tough. We were too heavy for our small town and too light for Indianapolis.

 Our bliss though was soon to come to an end. We added the dreaded fifth member. We added Danny on drums as Joey chose to front our band. We only lasted about a year after that. The band broke up. My dreams were shattered and I was filled with loss.

 Danny, you remember the fifth member, and Dangerous Doug decided to put a group together. We got together with Troy, a guitarist, and just jammed. The three of us agreed to continue as a group. We got Tommy, another guitarist and a new Mike on Bass. We called the band "Krimson Dawn." I'll not go through all the changes but after six years Dangerous Doug was the only original member. Then Dangerous Doug left the band. Dangerous Doug was in college and could not keep up all the late nights. The band released an 8 song self-titled cassette.

 Now I'm a programmer and out of college and still love to bang my head. So Dangerous Doug got into another group with Steve Tabor, who had played guitar with me in Krimson Dawn, Tim Weer (bass) and Kyle Harbour (drums) and we called ourselves "Penalty Box." Well guess what? That group did not last, Steve got hurt and changed our approach to music, although Steve, Tim and I continued on as a three piece acoustic group. Our name was "STD."

 After STD, Tim Weer and Dangerous Doug played in a group called "Weirdo." We were joined by Tom Greenberg playing guitar and keyboard with Tony Tingley playing drums. We played a few shows in the Terre Haute area. We had the cool experience of making a TV commercial for our performances. We hired a professional videographer and had him film us at a show complete with MTV style action footage.

 Tim and Dangerous Doug played together in another group called "LA King ." We were together with Larry King on Drums and Cody Wooley Lead Guitar. In July of 2010 I left them to pursue other interests.

 Well now I'm 48 years old. In march of 2011 Tim asked me to join his new group "One Less Idiot" and Dangerous Doug did. This new group will focus on the 80's pop genre. On drums is Dave Beel, Keyboardist and co-founder is Curt Eldredge with Trever Jackson on Lead Guitar (Buba Jacksons son). Dangerous Doug had been asked to add additional keyboards as well as playing guitar and singing. It is the 1st time that Dangerous Doug had played keyboards in a band, well, that's a lie, in WolfBane Dangerous Doug played keys (a Casio) on one song that eventually was dropped so this will really be the 1st major endeavor on my behalf. Dangerous Doug will be playing his Korg M1 (circa 85) which has never seen any stage duty, only sitting in my basement and ocassionally getting used on some of his originals (a few are posted on "my music" page). Thanks to e-Bay Dangerous Doug has found additional Sound Cards for his M1 that has aided in getting the sounds for some of these 80's pop songs. Come see us play. This group will be something that Terre Haute has never seen before.

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