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Old News from the One Less Idiot Main Page

  * A new page of Pics has been posted. I have altered the Pics using Photoshop. We hope you enjoy them? 12/23/2011
  * I have posted the Pics from Blu Katt (Open Mic). The link is on the left (Idiot Pics 3). 12/15/2011
 * Thank you all who came and made the Blu Katt gig successful. When I have all the pictures I will post them. 12/14/2011
 * On Tue. Dec. 13 we invade the Blu Katt for their Open Mic night. We will play for one hour. Come and see the show. 12/03/2011
 * We have purchased 6 new intelligent light fixtures. They look AWESOME. We believe that you will think so too! 11/28/2011
 * Thank you everyone that came to the Marshall Golf Course and helped make are debut performance a roaring success.11/18/2011
 * Come and see our debut performance at the Marshall Golf Course on Oct. 15th 2011.
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