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Curt Eldredge - Keyboard, Vocals
  Curt has refused to grow up. He has most recently jammed with his MP3 player and has always wanted to be an Idiot. I guess wishes do come true.
Tim Weer - Bass, Vocals
  Tim, unlike most Idiots, knows he's an Idiot, which is quite impressive for an Idiot. He spends his days flirting with sanity. And while he may appear sane, don't be fooled.
David Beel - Drums
  Dave always thought he was intelligent until he met these guys and realized he's an Idiot! Was he always an Idiot? No one ever told him. He does like to twirl his sticks.
Trever Jackson - Lead Guitar
  Trever was once a moron, but through careful planning has finally become an Idiot. This is no small feat, which he attained without any help. By far, the most fearless of Idiots!
"Dangerous" Doug
"Dangerous" Doug - Keyboard, Vocals, Guitar
  Doug has been an Idiot his entire life. He enjoys watching lights change and staring blankly at nothing. He hopes one day to be an imbecile.
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last updated: December 23, 2011
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